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How To Reach Alwar


By Air: The nearest airport to Alwar is Delhi Airport which is 163 kms away.

By Road: Alwar can be easily reached by road as well. There are well-maintained roads linking it to tourism destinations like Delhi, Sariska, Bharatpur, Deeg and Jaipur.

By Rail : The railway network connects Alwar with Delhi, Jodhpur, Mumbai and other important tourist cities of India.


What About Alwar City


Alwar, among the Rajput principalities was the closest to imperial Delhi. People of this region were daring adventurers. They did not submit to alien rule; they rebelled. In 1771 A.D. , Pratap Singh , a Kachhawaha Rajput belonging to the same clan as the one which ruled Jaipur won Alwar from Mughals and founded a principality of his own. A historic and eminent fort guards its highest hill and is reminiscent of a regal way of life.


Alwar is surrounded by the Aravali Hills and has a unique recognition because of Sariska Van Abhyaranya , Bala-Quila and Silished Etc.


Ironically, Alwar in Rajasthan, India is the oldest as well the newest kingdom of the Rajputs. Architectural wonders dot the city and leave you mesmerized. It is the oldest because its customs date far back to the kingdoms of Viratnagar, which flourished around 1500 B.C. Also known by the name of Matasya Desh. In this city, the Pandavas (heroes of Mahabharata) spent the last year of their exile of 13 years. It is believed that a member of the Kachh family belonging to Amber founded the city of Amber.


 The city is an architectural delight. The numerous forts and palaces with their intricate decorations take away your heart. Apart from that, the tranquil lakes, grand hunting lodges, archeologically importance sites, numerous varieties of birds and animals, etc, make this city a must see on a tour of Rajasthan.


History Of Alwar City


The princely state of Alwar was founded by Pratap Singh , a Rajput of the Kachwaha lineage, in the second half of the 18th century. His adopted son, Bakhtawar Singh, aided the British against the Marathas . After the battle of Laswari (1803), Alwar became the first state of Rajputana to sign a treaty of 'Offensive and Defensive Alliance' with the British East India Company . A few years later, Bakhtawar Singh ventured an armed incursion into neighbouring Jaipur , the senior Kachwaha state, and the erstwhile overlord of his predecessor. Bakhtawar Singh was defeated; a fresh engagement was made with him by the HEIC , prohibiting him from political intercourse with other states without British consent. During the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, Raoraja Bane Singh sent a force comprised mainly of Muslims and Rajputs , to relieve the British garrison in Agra . The Muslims deserted and the rest were defeated by the rebels. Pran Sukh Yadav , who fought beside Rao Tula Ram of Rewari in 1857, settled along with the kinsmen of dead soldiers at Village Nihalpura, Behror Tehsil, of Alwar District. Kishorpura Village of Bansur Tehsil is dominated by Bhati clan of Gurjar Community.


Following the independence of India in 1947, Alwar acceded unto the dominion of India . On March 18, 1948, the state merged with three neighbouring princely states ( Bharatpur , Dholpur and Karauli ) to form the Matsya Union . This union in turn merged unto the Union of India . On May 15, 1949, it was united with certain other princely states and the territory of Ajmer to form the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan .


Places to visit in Alwar City

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